More Products and Stores – Part 2

Continuing on yesterday’s post (Part 1).

You may be asking why did I needed so many stores…

There are quite a few print-on-demand services, and this is the difference:

  • Type 1: Print on Demand with stores platforms like RedBubble, TeeSpring and Zazzle provide their own store so everything you create, they sell and pay you a royalty for the sale. All “behind the scenes” activities like production, payment, customer support, etc, etc, etc is handled by them out of their ecommerce platform. Essencially you are uploading a design, and selecting the products you want to want to place it on, and then deciding your profit margin. No need for credit card because they produce and bill the customer. You get the profit you wanted for that product. Simple and straight forward. (note there is more on this, but will have to tackle it later)
  • Type 2: Print-On-Demand only suppliers follow a more traditional method of producing the product and handling the shipping to the end-customer, but no store is available to the consumer. Printful, Printify, Gooten and many others provide a way for you to upload a design, place it on a product, and then provide an interface for you to ordering and/or a way to automate the production ordering and payment process with an end-user / consumer facing platform (aka store)
  • Customer facing Stores and marketplaces. This is where platforms like Etsy, Shopify, Weblink, and many others come in. They specialize on the end-user process size and they integrate with the Type2 Print-OnDemand suppliers. Of course they charge you for every little transaction along the automated way. More on this at blog post: Coming Soon

Because of my bases (written on Part 1) I end up with TeeSpring, RedBubbble, Zazzle and Etsy as my stores. Etsy serves as the front for my digital products as well as my print on demand suppliers Printful, Printify and Gooten.

I had to do one exception. Etsy does charge .20 cents to list a product. this is not a lo of money, and the others out there were much more expensive.

Hopefully this makes sense.

At the end of the weekend I ended with over 30 products from 3 different and needed to do something to keep track of where they were, how much I was selling them, and such. That will be Part 3 .

Update: Part 3 here

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