– Catalog Launched

As I create more products and add more stores, it became really difficult to track the many different product and associated designs.

Keep in mind that I have many designs which depending on he type of product I want to offer may come from different Print-On-Demand suppliers. Those suppliers may have their own stores, or work through Etsy, Shopify or any of the many others.

I was using a spreadsheet to track all of this, and using pinterests Boards to help categorize things and provide a user friendly way to present to visitors, but it quickly become super hard to maintain, and very unsustainable.
So I went to work, and with the help of a contract Egyptian developer (Rahyd) I hired on we created the bases for what will become THE primary display and management tool for my store.

The result our new

The best part, aside from an admin interface behind the scenes, is that end-users / visitors can:

  • Like and Share a specific product
  • Filter catalog by Category (Leggins, Tshirts, etc)
  • Filter products on Designs Names

I am very pleased how it turned out , and plan to continue to use it and improve on it.

Check it out here!

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