First Market 2021 Season

This past weekend we completed the first market of the 2021 season. It was the first in a couple of years as we have been dealing with the pandemic in 2020.

It was fantastic to get my latest doodles and artwork out in public. We displayed 162 designs (perhaps two many for a market) in Note Cards and 8.5 x 11 Art Prints.

It was great to talk to people again and being able to tell the story of where they come from and what they meant to me. Sharing my story and listening to people’s questions was the best part of the show! Selling a items was totally icing in the cake! – 🙂

I am super thankful that my wife and daughter were there to setup, organize the booth and help me over the few hours of the market. They are, as always, super supportive!

We intentionally picked a small local market, and it was good as we wanted to make sure we could handle the tent, booth and conversations. We learned we needed to adjust a few things which is exactly what we were expecting.

We are excited to be doing more markets soon!

A quick video my daughter put together can be seen on my YouTube Channel.

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