Behind The Scenes (BTS): Web Properties Review

Back in early June I moved my website and shop fully into the WordPress platform. I have been learning and making adjustments ever since, as well as adding / deleting products. Between this, the prep for the market, and my daytime job, it has been a bit challenging on my time, and my YouTube channel and videos posting have suffered as a result.

Having said this, I wanted to make a vlog of where I am right now and include the different platforms I am currently using and kind of show it all at once . I did not include Etsy, Pinterest some of the others I have basic presence in, as I am not actively using them right now, but plan to in the future.

After a bit of editing I am finally posting it…

Recorded on Saturday, September 11, 2021 (MST) 7:17 PM

  • Items Covered:
    • Google Search Results
    • Bing Search Results
      • Landing Page
      • Art Gallery
      • Blog Shop / Store
      • RedBubble Store
      • NFT Catalog Store
      • About the Artist

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