Getting Ready for Market Season

After a very hot summer here in Arizona, today we woke up to 78 F degrees after having one of the first days under 100 F degrees. It was a nice change of pace… Season changes are always a good reminder that life is a fluent current of change that keeps you firmly on your toes ready for the next turn. Change is good. I think it keeps us young!

After a couple of years of not doing any markets (COVID )) we decided that taking proper precautions, we will do a few markets this year and see how it goes. We ( my wife and I ) have been very busy prepping for the fall season of markets and shows.

It is always nice to talk to people and get feedback on your work. Good or bad I like to hear from people. Family, Friends, Fans or Followers – it is always interesting to hear how my art pieces talk to them. It is different for different people.

My first market will be on September 25 in my local neighborhood. We will see how it goes. It is a trial run to test all of the systems including our comfort level with interacting with the public again.

This time around, we will be offering a selection of my 2020 and first half of 2021 art pieces – Although I post new pieces (finished and work in progress) in my Instagram feed, we will officially release new ones later this year. ( we are thinking of having 2 or 3 releases per year instead of piece here and there. What do you think?

Although my web shop contains many more options and products, for the physical shows we are keeping it simple. We plan to have:

  • 8.5x 11 Art Prints
    • Bookmarks
    • Note Cards
    • Aprons

It takes a lot of time to put these together! — Hope you enjoy it!

Update: 10/4/2021: A small video collage I put together follows:

You can buy some of the items online as well on the — Head out there and check it out

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