Too Many Products and Stores – Part 3

In my previous post, More Products, More Stores Part 2, I explained the setup I have. With 4 different stores, 4 print of demand suppliers, things were getting a bit complex (under statement!)

I have over 58 products now and I had to create a spreadsheet to track it all. I will spare you lots of the details, but suffice it to say that needed something to track track the following fields:

  • Category
  • Description
  • Store
  • Product link
  • Design
  • Sell price
  • Print on Demand Supplier

As you probably know spreadsheets are typically made to track things on your own. They are hard to share / explain to others.

On top of it I had no centralized way to display it, categorize it or point my customers to the different. I am using Pinterest to help my potential customers an interface to the different products but as you can see it is getting too complex and it is really time consuming to keep up and maintain.

I looked around for something that could help me create a reference, other than Pinterest, to my products and help me manage the catalog in a centralized way. I could not believe there was nothing formal out there to help this problem. I did find a Pinterest style php-script which I converted into a static website that I could add product to (replacing Pinterest) but did not save me much time.

I am thinking that it would be fairly quick and easy to create a dynamic website to help present the products to the end-user… So lets stop product creation and get going on catalog development app.

To be continued…

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