More Products and Stores – Part 1

This week and weekend has been a learning experience! Lots of YouTube videos, article reading and setting up the different Print-on-Demand services.

First and foremost I am learning Keep this top of mind! Learning means you will make mistakes.

I’ve had to think a bit about the strategy I will take moving forward. Outside the basics of design, product placement, product photo shots, mock ups, and such, I quickly figure out I needed to have a some sort of pricing strategy.

What do I want to get paid for?

The baselines:

  • No Stock
  • No Out-of-pocket costs
  • Easy to setup
  • I will attempt to make money off the sell of my design on the product. (not on the product itself or shipping & handling)

That last point is an important. I never thought I would be selling my doodles much less placing my doodles on Tshirts, leggings, coffee cups, pillows and everything else under the sun. My strategy may change over time, but for now as I learn this will be it…

I now have several stores I sell things from. They are: TeeSpringRedBubbleZazzle and Etsy.

I also secured doodlingjorge at: TwitterYouTube,

It is late now, but I will continue this blog post tomorrow…

Update: Part 2 here

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