Etsy Store Journey Updates

Although I have helped many friends with their Etsy journey on the technical side,  my  own DoodlingJorge Etsy journey  started early this year.   I wrote about my hopes and the reasons for it on blog post 2023 Attempting to sell on Etsy! – DoodlingJorge

I was hopeful and enthusiastic, but to be honest, greatly underestimated the amount of work it would take.

Although still a very good platform, Etsy has changed a lot  in the past couple of years and just recently it is cracking down on a lot of mass marketers and “automated” bots  that have caused a lot of challenges for “real sellers” in the system.  Lots of videos and on YouTube.

I gave a Etsy for Artists class today. I started the class by saying:

I have not yet been successful on Etsy, but I plan to continue grinding forward.

As I said on my June 10, 2023 on blog Back the Store – DoodlingJorge I am not giving up on Etsy, but decided to do a lot on my own website and store. With the challenge Etsy is having, it is proving to be a good decision, as I want to have some control in case something goes sideways, and my ETSY Store is suspended for whatever reason they deem necessary.

I still have lots to learn, but what I learned so far from travels in this journey:

  • Define your goals with your Etsy Store 
    ( it is another supermarket / marketplace to place your products) 
  • Combine Digital, Print-On-Demand and physical goods – cross sell each.
  • It is  YOUR job to promote and bring people to the Etsy store. ( adverting, social media etc)
  • If things are not selling, it is because: No one can find you.     
    • You need volumes of people to sell one piece.   
    • You need good photos of  what you are selling to get people to click on the listing
    • Then you need to convert that visitor into a buyer.
    • Then you need to fulfil that order and have them 
    • If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot with one piece, then how do you plan to scale?
  • DO NOT rely only on Etsy alone  ( lots of changes happening to the platform )
  • Consider the Esty costs in your pricing strategy including ( Labor cost, Etsy fees, Payment Fees, taxes , and more…) 
  • Do not try to compete on price. there are ALWAYS people/companies out there that will have a lower price Some even operate at a loss to gain customers or have loss leaders to get emails.

I have to say, and I am reflecting on my own journey, and I do not mind sharing this:

  • Most advice and niche-based selling is based on research, targeted SEO and relevant products. ( yes that is business but not art. ( still struggling with this one!)
  • I am not interested in creating art for trending items
  • I want my art to speak to others, each piece on their own merit (there got to be an audience for me out there)

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