First POD T-Shirt Received

I am so excited! I received the first T-Shirt I created for Print on Demand! —

I placed the order as a regular user on Sep 14, 2020 to test it. Received on 9/23 via USPS on a white envelope with DoodlingJorge in the return address 🙂

I ordered via Etsy the Single Wave black Unisex T-shirt. and I am super impressed with how it came out.

Although the t-shirt looks great, on this first trial run/ design there are a couple of mistakes (room for improvement):

  1. There is no DoodlingJorge logo
  2. The design is grey not white

Other than that I a super-pleased with the results — What do you think?

Side note: I also created a Single Wave Ladies’ Scoopneck T-Shirt with Graphic that looks pretty good!

These are my first two shirts. Errors and they will be on sale for as long as I have the store 🙂

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