Back the Store

After 6 months of trying to sell things on Etsy, today I am re-opening my own store on my website.

Back to hosting my own store.

Granted it is a much more simplified version of what I used to have but I think it is much easier to use and manage

Am I going to continue selling on Etsy?

Of course, YES! it has been a great experience to learn and have sold a few pieces, but it has not been super successful. I will require more time and effort.

Why am I returning to my Website?

There are two primary reasons for me to make this decision:

  1. Needed a place where I can keep and catalog all of my designs, and at the same time easily enable the sales of the formats I offer the most.
  2. Most of my customers are not Etsy customers, and they do not want (or know) how to print the digital files on their own which is what I mostly provide there.

I think it is good to have options for my wide range of customers, but I have a lot of designs and I need to be able to quickly place new designs for sales without much overhead.

I plan to continue in both paths, as well as some of the other marketplaces I have.

Screenshots of my new Store front and my etsy Store follow:

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