Why Black and White

A common question I get is why did I choose to go only with black and white drawings.

The answer is pretty simple: It was easy, and not much of a story, but let me unpack this a bit more…

Before the pandemic, I used to travel a lot for work (+80%) and I have always traveled light taking a small carry-on along with my computer bag. I needed to pass the time while on long flights, hotels, and while on the road. This started well before the time of the iPad, and unlike brushes, easel, special papers, paint and such, regular paper, mostly my notebooks, and a black ink pen were always at hand.

I tried using a blue pen when a black one was not available, but it was just not the same. I get it is a feeling, but it just did not work for me. Doodles to me are black and white. A bit weird but true.

Over the years I have attempted to doodle on the iPad using different brushes and colors but for some reason it is just not the same. In fact iPad drawing in general is not my thing. Even though there are some great drawing apps ( is my favorite) there is something to say about the feeling of paper and ink.

Who knows maybe in the future I will only do iPad, color doodles and drawing, but for now, I feel that is a long way out. But I digress.

Coming back to the reason as to why black & white, other than it is easier logistically.

Frankly speaking, color adds a bit of stressful and to me. It adds a level of complexity that I am not really looking for as for me, doodling and drawing is all about relaxing and having fun. An easy way to destress while feed the creative side of the brain.

That’s the beauty of doodling to me. At anytime, I can choose to go to that uncomplicated place with nothing in mind other than when I am finish I know I am there.

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