NFT Drop: Hello piece

A new NFT Drop is scheduled for tonight at midnight ( PST )-

It will be open for bids on the Apricot Marketplace starting on December 1, 2021 (12:05am)  and it includes a couple of personalized perks for whoever buys it.    

Marketplace Direct Link:

I really like Apricot Marketplace because it is easy to use and does not require any crypto knowledge.    It is designed to be used by non-technologists, people for people!   ( aka the rest of us! )

Created this piece late into a November night while on my iPad learning a bit more about the app I was using.

It turned out pretty cool I thought.       Can you see still the word?

Included Perks: 

  • A short video of creation process
  • A personalized signed by artist A2 size card of the piece mailed to you for free – (will need your mailing address)

Marketplace Direct Link:

More info at: DoodlingJorge NFT Catalog

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