Two types of Videos

Creating YouTube videos is pretty straight forward, and I have a process that I am trying to stick to with them:

  • 3 – 4 minute speed-up videos with music
  • Fade in / out intro with logo
  • Display the finished art at the end for 5 seconds
  • Transition into Like, Subscribe & Share
  • Upbeat / Happy music (a bit techno)

(*) See my previous post for details.)

I wanted to post / promote my videos on Instagram, but I quickly found that Instagram only supports 1 minute videos in their stories and I didn’t know much about IGTV, which led me to start creating 1-minute or less versions of the YouTube Videos.

Easy enough, just speed the video a couple more notches works well reducing the 3-4 mite video to sub-60 seconds. However the intro and outro end up too quick. so what I end up doing is

Create the 3-4 minute video for YouTube without intro/outros, and save it. Continue with YouTube video work.

Using the saved vide start a new video for InstagramPromo which will have its own instagram specific intro and outro and is less than 60 seconds — I am thinking 30 -45 seconds tops. The Outro on this one will point to the YouTube Channel for the full video.

I am currently speeding up the entire video, but in the future, I should do a partial of it so tease the audience.

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