YouTube Videos Thoughts

As I begin to create videos and post them on my new YouTube channel , I began to realize I need put some thought on the style, content and the length the videos need to be. ( have some sort of strategy about it )

I realize many folks on YouTube want to monetize their channels (need 1000 hours per year of viewing time), but that is not currently my intent. I just want to create the body of work, learn and document the journey along the way

It takes me anywhere between 10 minutes to 60 minutes to create a doodle depending on the complexity and my state of mind at the time.. Most of the time I do it in one sitting, but sometimes it takes two sessions…

After some thought, I have decided that 3-4 minute videos of the process with the appropriate music match works for me and I think will appeal to my intended audience. As with everything, I can always change it based on suggestions and feedback.

I am using OpenShot an open source video editing software which provides lots of great features. It is pretty good and free. 🙂

So my current “strategy”:

  • 3 – 4 minute speed-up videos with music
  • Fade in / out intro with logo
  • Display the finished art at the end for 5 seconds
  • Transition into Like, Subscribe & Share
  • Upbeat / Happy music (a bit techno)

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