Waves Approaching Tower

I have several NFTs in the following markets:

Check out my YouTube Video: What is an NFT – A Simple Explanation and my learning journey page

I used to sell on Hello Apricot and Hic et Nunc but both of these have closed since then.

What happened to NFTs?

Waves Approaching Tower



Item Description

Link to Item Here

Marketplace:  Apricot platform

Digital version of hand-drawn (ink) piece Size: 3840×2936 JPEG file <br /> Commercial use is strictly forbidden with exception of resale without alteration or reproduction. Unless explicitly stated, Copyright to the art work and other reproduction rights remain with the Artist.


  • Personalized postcard in mail
  • Access to Private DoodlingJorge Owners Discord Server


Additional information:

Check out the video explaining how to us this easy-o-use no crypto knowledge required platform at: