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Hello in Color 

I have NFTs in the following marketplaces:

 hic et nunc OpenSea Rarible apricot

Want to know more about NFTs???

Check out my YouTube Video: What is an NFT – A Simple Explanation and my learning journey page

Hello in Color



Item Description

Link to Item Here ( )

Marketplace: Apricot

A rare color piece —

Created this piece late into a November night while on my iPad learning a bit more about the app I was using. It turned out pretty cool I thought.
Can you see still the word?

Included  Perks with the NFT:

  • A short video of creation process
  • A personalized signed by artist A2 size card of the piece mailed to you for free – (will need your mailing address)

You will get jpg file size 2048 x 2048.