Behind the Scenes: Video Creation Process Overview

One thing is doodling and then posting the picture to social media. Another is making videos!

I have about 10 videos now on YouTube and I finally have it down to a repeatable and enjoyable process.

Video creation is not hard per say but it is hard work.
For every minute/second of viewable enjoyment, there is hours of editing, splicing, stitching, research, composing, rework and then rework again…

At a high level, this is my process so far….

  1. Record the doodle and move to computer
  2. Take the recording and create edited masters
  3. Work on YouTube version (long version) (including thumbnail)
  4. Work on Instagram version (Short)
  5. Schedule Publish

Most of these steps are independent from each other. In other words I may batch step one and record 2 or 3 videos if I feel particularly creative that day. If I feel more “geekie” I may create several master source files in a sitting.. Or if I need content to publish ahead, I may dedicate the evening to schedule several weeks of postings ahead.

I will get more detailed into each of the steps above in future posts.

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