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I am always trying to get better not only in my art, but also with the promotion of it. Even though it has just been a bit more than a year since I started this journey in a more formal way, Instagram growth has proven challenging and I am always looking for resources to improve it…

As we all know, YouTube is a fantastic resource to learn from what others have done. Even through many are trying to sell you their systems or guide you to their paid courses, there are some unique individuals that post gems of content and they do it in a very informative and realistic way.

I do not know her (and I doubt she knows of me), but I came across such content creator and the content and advice was so good and real that it drove me to write this blog post… Let me the introduce Mimi and Mimimoo Illustration

I first watch her first video How To Grow An Instagram Art Account In One Year – My Story to 25k Followers she published at the end of May 2021

and then today I found this in my notifications: Take A Tour Of My 50k Instagram Art Account | Instagram Account Tips where she describes part two of her story where her followers grew from 26,000 to over 50,000 —

I must say even through the growth is amazing, I am not impressed by that as much as the REAL advice, tips and information and she provides in the video. The way the video was produced is also superb! — Love it.

As I said, I do not know her (and she does not know of me at all) but her journey videos and all of the content she has produced are real inspirational and I need to learn from her and take some of her advice !

Big Thank you to Mimi!

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