Doodler’s Block

I know many artists out there go through different levels of inspirational energy and everyone needs a break from time to time. I’ve heard of writer’s block, but I must admit – I have never suffered from doodler’s block until this July ( July 2022 ).

Doodling for me has always been a relaxation thing, something I use to clear up my mind, take a big / deep breath and maybe think of nothing but those lines — connecting, closing, making them in to something…

I just ( minutes ago) finished this piece which I started early this month ( 30 days ago). It has been sitting on my desk my desk and I have returned to it sporadically over the days for just a few minutes and then move away from it. Typically a piece like this may take one to three hours, but this particular piece took me many more and it was a struggle to complete —

I can easily say that July 2022 was very different month than the past 20 months. Lots of changes in the routine we developed, including some business travel, but I would not really pin it, blame it or attribute it to that. This one was different.

Funny thing is that even though I did some doodling on my notebook and iPad, I knew this piece was there, and it was on my mind as an unfinished / incomplete item. Not really sure how I felt about that, just that I knew about it.

Maybe I just needed a break or maybe some pieces take more effort than others.
Either way I am happy this one is complete.

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