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Just a quick update / follow-up to my previous post, Too Many Products and Stores – Part 3, a couple of weeks ago, I spent time working with Dahy, a great developer out of Cairo, Egypt, and I am so very exited to say that we are working

Version 1 was a great drop. but as with all agile development required worked. I worked on a list of items to work on ( a board ) and split it into milestones ( sprints). So there is a plan and we are working on it,

As mentioned in that post, the primary purpose of it was to:

  • Centralize back end management of products
  • Provide the visitor an easy way to show the product portfolio and filter based on category or design

As we were discussing the site, a few other thing came to mind:

  • Ability to track product clicks
  • Provide the ability to like a products
  • Share the link to the product via email, twitter or copy .
  • Overlay an image over the product image to show it is new or it is on sale or whatever.
    • Ability to enter, admin and provide redirects.

In the end what I want is to have the structure to be able build upon and offer the product as a service to other artists to solve the same challenge I have. I still can not believe there is no product like this.

Stay tuned as we work hard to launch soon.

11/10/2020 Update: Product Catalog Launched

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